• Join Our Sisters Club

    Join Our Sisters Club

    Our Sisters Club brings Girls and young Women together through Peer Mentorship and Conversation Clubs, fostering relationships of trust and professional development.

  • The Progressive Women’s Club

    The Progressive Women’s Club

    The Progressive Women’s Club provides a valuable platform for the inspiration and capacity building of women in business through lobbying, mentoring, network, strategic alliances, and developing and recognising excellence in women.

  • Guiding our Girls

    Guiding our Girls

    Supporting the Development of the Girl Child to Womanhood

  • United for Gender Equality

    United for Gender Equality

    Investing in gender equality and women’s empowerment to unlock human potential on a transformational scale.



We aim to engage and interact with women and girls in the various ethnic communities. With a view to encouraging mother’s to maintain their cultural values and identity – which play a pivotal role in the various communities in the United Kingdom.This will be a way of bridging the gap between women and girls while focussing on looking at ways of bridging cultural differences. Our interaction will bear in mind the need to be conscience of the diversity of each community. We will embrace women and girls from all walks of life, irrespective of their status or culture. We in turn hope to develop women socially, mentally and spiritually.

Recent News / Stuff From Our Blog

Recent News / Stuff From Our Blog